Firmware and BIOS Development Services

ONE Labs provides customers with tailored firmware solutions that are optimized for each particular application.

We offer firmware and BIOS development services for x86, ARM and MIPS processors and systems.

Our engineers have extensive experience in all phases of firmware and BIOS development:

  • BIOS and Firmware Specification Review

  • Customization
  • Adaptation
  • Debug
  • Firmware Test
  • Quality Assurance (Q/A)


Royalty Free Coreboot for x86 based designs!

Open source, faster boots, and better system configuration!

Coreboot boots Linux and other OS kernels!

Todays modern operating systems such as Linux have absolutely no use for what a legacy BIOS performs, such as support for obsolete DOS code. Many BIOSes also do a poor job of system configuration, especially the PCI bus. Coreboot replaces the legacy BIOS and provides better system configuration and faster boot times.

What is Coreboot?