3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing Systems

Materials Deposition Systems

We develop systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

  • Multi-Axis Materials Deposition Systems for particle sizes ranging from <1nm to 1cm!
  • Custom systems are available for the widest range of materials and fluids.
  • Custom systems for Inkjet, FFF, SLA, DLP, SLS, DMLS and hybrids.
  • Low viscosity fluids to high viscocity concretes and resins may be deposited.
  • Thermoplastics, thermosets, photpolymers and composites.
  • Biological components, scaffold materials, tissues and cells.

Planar Systems Feature:

  • Brushless linear servomotors.
  • Available with linear or air bearings for ultra smooth motion.
  • Rugged noncontact optical linear encoders.
  • Travels to 7m x 3m.
  • High velocity to 3m/s and high acceleration to 2g's.
  • Z axis availability.
  • High performance piezoelectric jetting assemblies.
  • 1-96 printheads, for 1,000's of nozzles
  • Lasers, Galvos, Extruders, Dispense Valves
  • Vacuum platens with controllable zones.
  • True x-y tables using high resolution encoders ensures perfect registration on rigid and flexible materials.
  • Very accessible materials area makes for easy loading and unloading of large and heavy substrates.
  • Automated loaders and unloaders.

Applications include:

  • Electronics, RFID, PCB's, Solar Cells, Fuel Cells
  • LCD, PLED, Flat Panels, Flexible Displays
  • Biological, Genetics and DNA, Tissue Engineering
  • Chemical, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives
  • Mechanical, Nano-Machines, 3D Assembly
  • Optics, Lenses, Waveguides