Multi-Axis Printing Systems

The digital print world is no longer flat!

Multi-Axis Digital Full Color Printing Systems for printing direct to 3-D media and substrates!

3-D non-planar objects such as tubes, spheres, rods, cones, cubes and many other complex shapes may now be printed directly.

Outperforms pad, sublimation, screen, water film transfer and other jet printing.

Reduces setup times and make-ready from hours to seconds.

We develop systems for a wide variety of industrial non-planar print applications.

Inks include aqueous, solvents, hybrids and UV.

Metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, and resins may all be printed.

Printable objects range in size from small items the size of a pea, to items as large as automotive body and interior panels or large architectural panels.

Multi-Axis Print Applications