Object Oriented Hardware Development from ONE Labs

  • Embedded Computers
  • Single Board Computers
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecomm
  • Telematics
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Electronics
  • POS Systems
  • Handhelds

Full Custom Designs From Concept to Fully Operational Prototypes in as Little as 4 Weeks!

Rapid Product Development = Faster Time to Market + Maximum Design Flexibility + Exact Features + Low Production Costs

It can take a long time to reinvent the wheel each time you have a new SBC (Single Board Computer) or Embedded project - or if you have inexperienced engineers who are learning as they go on your design. But experienced designers don't require months to develop SBC and Embedded systems designs. With the O.N.E. equation, you can rapidly achieve your development goals while, at the same time, gaining faster time to market, with maximum design flexibility, using the exact features you need, at lower production costs.

Today's marketplace for SBC and Embedded systems is growing and competition can be fierce. Time-to-market and low development and production costs are, therefore, critical to maximize your product's success. ONE Labs, the Midwest's leading SBC and Embedded Systems design company, has coined this emerging customer requirement as Object-Oriented Hardware Development, or OOHD for short. With its OOHD offering, ONE Labs takes its place as an innovator in the Embedded design sphere and emerges as the only company that enables its customers to meet the requirements of rapid design, quality-based SBC and Embedded computing design services through innovation and agility. O.N.E.'s strength lies in delivering the following key components to the solutions it provides:

  • Rapid product development cycles
  • Proven designs
  • High quality
  • Lower development costs
  • Exacting feature requirements
  • Lowest production costs