At the heart of O.N.E.'s OOHD model is the concept of Blocs. Blocs are proven, flexible, and modular circuit components that allow the designer to quickly assemble the exacting features of SBC and Embedded systems. With Bloc components, customers can pick the features they want and need and plug them together - it's that simple. Bloc components are already proven, already working subassemblies that link together with the correct interfaces. Bloc components provide the ability to rapidly create complex circuits with the exact features needed and adapt changes very quickly during the design phase. As a result, customers can accomplish complex design with the exact features they want much faster. With Object Oriented Hardware Design, it simply is no longer necessary to design from scratch.

Unlike with competitive product offerings, such as costly kitchen sink SBCs or standard reference platforms, ONE Labs does not require customers to build a design using costly, unused features or expensive redesign, but enables them to customize for their requirements. The modularity and flexibility of the OOHD model allows customers to build the products they need while avoiding lengthy development cycles and the expense of unnecessary components and other suppliers' profit margins.

Above and beyond its implementation efforts, ONE Labs sets itself apart from other SBC and Embedded computing providers with unique and innovative design technologies. Key to its competitive advantage, ONE Labs maintains an open, collaborative approach to working with customers. This approach allows customers to benefit from O.N.E.'s vast knowledge of, and relationship with, reliable contract manufacturers located throughout the country.

Object Oriented Hardware Development moves beyond the monolithic view of product development operations to address the discrete, modular workflows and processes that make up OOHD activities. OOHD enables companies to grow and optimize their business on a process-by-process, workflow-by-workflow basis. In practice, OOHD offers incredible flexibility and agility to the companies that leverage it.

The business challenge faced by today's SBC and Embedded computing providers is how to quickly create and deliver competitive products in order to rapidly generate new revenues and retain existing customers. OOHD is especially important because it ensures that providers successfully meet their goals.

The cost of using OOHD compares very favorably when measured against the cost of conventional design houses or in-house design. The favorable cost factor, coupled with the flexibility of design choices, stands in stark contrast to the costs associated with establishing and maintaining traditional relationships with design vendors or the even higher cost of hiring and training in-house staff to understand and apply such leading-edge technologies.

Thus, OOHD promises many advantages for business: reduced purchasing costs, radically enhanced services to customers and partners, and the ability to dynamically seize new business opportunities on a global scale.

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