21st Century Wellness

ONE LABS is pioneering a better approach to health and wellness: one where your products are formulated specifically for you, and delivered directly to your door. Be your best, easier than ever.

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Our Core Values

At ONE LABS, our core values are woven into the fabric of our business, fundamentally shaping the creation of our products and enhancing the experiences of those who use them.

Quality and Efficacy

Determined to create superior health and wellness products, we’ve discarded the traditional playbook used by our competitors for decades. Rather than mass-producing generic products that broadly target everyone but fully satisfy no one, we’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to formulate unique products suited to each individual customer.

What’s more? We only use ingredients supported by rigorous scientific evidence. There’s no skimping either — every ingredient is included at the full dose necessary to maximise its benefits, no matter the cost.

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Honesty and Transparency

In an industry notorious for overpromising and underdelivering, our commitment to honesty and transparency sets us apart. Whilst many of our competitors benefit from pushing fleeting fads and using deceptive marketing tactics, our vision extends far beyond short-term profits. We are here for the long haul, focused on forging enduring and fruitful relationships with each of our customers. Wherever possible, we explain the reasons behind our decisions, enabling you to be better informed—something we believe is crucial, particularly for products you consume or use on your body.

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Put simply, we want to leave the world better than we found it. That’s why we’ve prioritised sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our packaging, for example, consists almost entirely of components that are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Or our delivery service, which is 100% carbon-neutral. (You can learn more about these and other measures we’ve taken on our product pages.)

While we’re proud of our efforts to date, the journey is far from over and we’ll continue to search for new ways to do better for our planet.

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