Charitable Donations Policy

We give 1% of our revenue (i.e. $1 for every $100 worth of products we sell) to causes that are important to us. This policy details how we go about it.

At any given time, we will be supporting up to four causes. The causes are chosen by us and may change from time to time. We’re currently supporting the following causes:

  • Beyond Blue
  • Clean Up Australia

Within a month of the end of each Australian financial quarter we take 1% of our revenue from the quarter and distribute it to the causes we’re supporting. Of the 1% we give away, half will be distributed evenly amongst the causes and the other half will be distributed based on ‘votes’ our customers submit during the quarter. We may give our customers the opportunity to ‘vote’ in different ways and at different times, but it will typically be when they submit as they’re submitting their order. In the event that we don’t collect any votes from our customers in a given quarter, the entirety of the 1% for that quarter will be distributed evenly.

Here’s an example:
In a given quarter, we’re supporting four different causes. Cause 1 receives 40% of the customers’ votes and Cause 2, 3 and 4 each receive 20% of the customers’ votes. Within a month after the quarter ends, we give Cause 1 0.325% and Causes 2, 3 and 4 0.225% of our revenue from the quarter.

This policy may be changed by us from time to time but you can always find the most up to date version here.