There’s a problem with haircare

For the longest, the beauty industry has gotten by on marketing gimmicks and straight-up dishonesty. We want to do things differently. We pledge to never exaggerate, overpromise or under-deliver.

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Honesty and transparency

We want to be candid with our customers. For us, that looks like never making unfounded claims about our products or what they can achieve. What’s more, we’re committed to sharing research-based knowledge about the ingredients we use. Because when you know what’s up, you can make an informed choice. You’ll never see us back a hot-right-now ingredient that doesn’t do much to make a quick buck.

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Our promise to you?
No filler ingredients and no marketing hype. Ever.

We’re upfront about our commitment to well-made products that work. It’s our driving force.
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Uncompromising in quality and efficacy.

Our ingredients are safe and scientifically proven to work

Our objective is to formulate personalised products of the highest quality. It follows that we take our responsibility to source ingredients with an established record of efficacy and safety seriously. (We’re aiming for the highest standard possible!)

There are 1600+ ingredients we don’t use because they’re either proven or suspected to be unsafe, irritating or unethical. Check out the list, here. Plus, all of our products are cruelty-free and vegan.

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We’ve got it all: luxurious formulations, stylish packaging and evocative fragrances

Our products are designed consciously, with you in mind. Which is why we’ve created packaging that looks good in your space (not on a supermarket shelf). We’re redefining personalised haircare – delivered right to your doorstep – one good-looking bottle at a time.

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Leave the world better than we found it

Like you, we want to have a positive impact on the planet. We hope to do this by helping you to make better choices for your hair, and the environment. From our bottles (made from 100% recycled plastic that is itself recyclable) and boxes (75% recycled cardboard and printed with minimal ink) to our delivery service (carbon-neutral) and more, we’re committed to going the extra mile. We also support four charity partners with 1% of every purchase made. (Find out how it works, here.)

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Meet our charity partners

Every quarter, we donate 1% of our sales to causes that are important to us. Of that 1%, half is shared equally between up to four not-for-profit organisations. The other half is split up between them based on your votes. When you add to cart, we’ll ask you to choose the cause that matters most to you. We’ll do the rest. (Learn more).

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Transparently produced, full of hair-loving ingredients and free from unnecessary extras.
That’s us.
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